Jacqueline M I Torti

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Out of all the natural disasters, floods are the most common in both developed and developing countries, accounting for approximately 40% of all natural disasters [1,2]. Flooding has severe implications on human health before, during, and after the onset of a flood. Southeast Asia is a region that is especially prone to frequent and severe natural disasters(More)
Alcohol consumption is a threat to public health in Canada, contributing to morbidity, injury, and mortality.1 Although primary care physicians are encouraged to screen for alcohol use, studies have found that they often neglect to do so because they lack confidence or the skills necessary to successfully address patients’ alcohol use problems.2 As well,(More)
BACKGROUND Expecting to recover from a musculoskeletal injury is associated with actual recovery. Expectations are potentially modifiable, although it is not well understood how injured people formulate expectations. A better understanding of how expectations are formulated may lead to better knowledge about how interventions might be implemented, what to(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine family medicine graduates' professional and personal well-being, general health status, stress levels, coping strategies, and the degree to which they felt supported or isolated in professional life; and to compare findings by sex, practice location, and location of medical school (Canadian medical graduates [CMGs] vs international(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the perceived strengths that international medical graduate (IMG) family medicine residents possess and the challenges they are perceived to encounter in integrating into Canadian family practice. METHODS This was a qualitative, exploratory study employing focus groups and interviews with 27 participants - 10 family physicians, 13(More)
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