Jacqueline M Hill

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1. Diel vertical migration (DVM) is a widespread phenomenon among marine and freshwater organisms and many studies with various taxa have sought to understand its adaptive significance. Among crustacean zooplankton and juveniles of some fish species DVM is accepted widely as an antipredator behaviour, but little is known about its adaptive value for(More)
The pilot phase of a human development intervention in the Philippines focused on improving child health. Selected household practices which influence health were targeted for modification to reduce the incidence of child morbidity. Completion rates of 69.5% of recommended activities led to a decrease of 70.0% of reported diarrhea and fever. Local health(More)
The Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) Project is a collaboration between institutions in Arizona, Germany, Italy, and Ohio. With the addition of the partners from Ohio State and Germany in February 1997, the Large Binocular Telescope Corporation has the funding required to build the full telescope populated with both 8.4 meter optical trains. The rst of two(More)
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