Jacqueline M Breuning-Boers

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OBJECTIVE The validity of the rule of thumb that infants may have a weight loss of 10% in the first days after birth is unknown. We assessed the validity of this and other rules to detect breast-fed infants with hypernatraemic dehydration. DESIGN A reference chart for relative weight change was constructed by the LMS method. The reference group was(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the relationship between serum sodium concentration and weight loss as well as residual symptoms in newborns with hypernatremic dehydration caused by insufficient breastfeeding; and to determine the sensitivity of the following rule of thumb 'if weight loss is less than 10%, the baby does not have hypernatremic dehydration caused by(More)
The objective of the evidence-based guidelines 'Asthma in children (ages 0-19)' for youth healthcare (CHC) is the prevention and reduction of asthma symptoms. The guidelines contain a lot of recommendations that apply to all disciplines in healthcare that deal with children. Primary prevention (preventing asthma): the main proven effective intervention is(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS: To construct a reference growth chart for breast-fed infants between postnatal day 2 and 11 and to assess its validity in detecting infants with hypernatraemic dehydration. The participants are 1,544 healthy (exclusively) breast-fed infants with 3,075 measurements born during 2002 in three primary care midwife practices in the Netherlands(More)
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