Jacqueline M.A. Smits

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INTRODUCTION The goal of the Eurotransplant renal allocation scheme is to provide every patient on the waiting list with a reasonably balanced opportunity for a donor offer. New initiatives were taken in order to maximize donor usage while maintaining a successful transplant outcome. METHODS Two Eurotransplant projects were launched in order to(More)
BACKGROUND HLA matching improves the outcome of cadaveric renal transplantation. However, many allografts function well even in the presence of one or more HLA mismatches, which raises the question of whether some mismatches are better recognised by the recipient's immune system than others. We aimed to identify mismatched HLA donor-recipient combinations(More)
BACKGROUND To examine the time trend and international differences in access to the waiting list and renal transplantation of patients with end-stage kidney disease. METHODS We included all patients (n = 30 961) from Austria, Norway, the Netherlands and Scotland who started renal replacement therapy (RRT) between 1995 and 2003 with their kidney transplant(More)
A century ago, the Royal Mail Ship Titanic fatally struck an iceberg and descended into the Atlantic Ocean. To reduce clutter on deck the number of lifeboats on board was brought down from 64 to 20. Each class of passengers had access to their own decks and allocated lifeboats, although crucially no lifeboats were stored in the third class sections of the(More)
W hether patients with advanced heart failure and diabetes melli-tus (DM) should be listed for heart transplantation (HTx) remains controversial due to conflicting findings regarding their post-HTx survival (1–3). We studied HTx candidates with and without DM during the pre-HTx period, examining multiple waiting list outcomes. Patients were enrolled in the(More)
OBJECTIVE This study prospectively evaluated the relationship of physical activity (PA), depression, and anxiety to event-free survival during waiting time for heart transplantation in ambulatory patients enrolled in the Waiting for a New Heart Study. METHOD Data from 227 ambulatory patients newly listed for heart transplantation were analyzed. Everyday(More)
OBJECTIVE We examined the association of smoking status at time of listing with waitlist mortality among heart transplant (HTx) candidates. PARTICIPANTS AND DESIGN Data were analyzed from 316 participants (aged 53 ± 11; 18% female) of the Waiting for a New Heart Study, a prospective observational study of patients newly listed for HTx at 17 hospitals. (More)
BACKGROUND Accurate immunosuppression is of critical importance in preventing rejection, while avoiding toxicity following lung transplantation. The mainstay immunosuppressants are calcineurin inhibitors, which require regular monitoring due to interactions with other medications and diet. Adherence to immunosuppression and patient knowledge is vital and(More)
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