Jacqueline Ls Milne

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We have shown in previous research (Thaler L, Arnott SR, Goodale MA. PLoS One 6: e20162, 2011) that motion processing through echolocation activates temporal-occipital cortex in blind echolocation experts. Here we investigated how neural substrates of echo-motion are related to neural substrates of auditory source-motion and visual-motion. Three blind(More)
The prospect that the structures of protein assemblies, small and large, can be determined using cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) is beginning to transform the landscape of structural biology and cell biology. Great progress is being made in determining 3D structures of biological assemblies ranging from icosahedral viruses and helical arrays to small(More)
The pace at which cryo-EM is being adopted as a mainstream tool in structural biology has continued unabated over the past year. Initial successes in obtaining near-atomic resolution structures with cryo-EM were enabled to a large extent by advances in microscope and detector technology. Here, we review some of the complementary technical improvements that(More)
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