Jacqueline Léon

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  • J Leon
  • Journal of gerontology
  • 1985
Although investigators have identified some of the social and economic forces that influence levels of economic resources among elderly adults, little has been done to organize these factors into predictive lifespan models of economic well-being. Applying path analysis to data on retiring workers from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, the present research(More)
To Describe , to Read a Text A text, any text, isa complex organization that cannot be reduced to simple patterns or described in a unidimensional way. The procedures we describe here aim at capturing two different aspects of a text: SEGTHEM (THEMatic SEGmentation) in Section 1 and DENSITE (Density) in Section 2. They are currently under development and we(More)
A793 Malnutrition and clinical outcomes in critically ill children T. Velasquez, G. Mackey, J. Lusk, U.G. Kyle, T. Fontenot, P. Marshall, L.S. Shekerdemian, J.A. Coss-Bu Texas Children's Hospital, Clinical Nutriiton, Houston, United States; Texas Children's Hospital, Intensive Care, Houston, United States; Baylor College of Medicine, Pediatrics, Houston,(More)
The research work that we intend to present here represents a feasibility study concerning the automatic translation of natural language statements -- which describe the biographies of historical personages taken into account by the RESEDA system -- into the RESEDA semantic metalanguage.
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