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Testing for Interaction in Binary Logit and Probit Models: Is a Product Term Essential?
Political scientists presenting binary dependent variable (BDV) models often hypothesize that variables interact to influence the probability of an event, Pr(Y). The current typical approach toExpand
International Organizations and Government Killing: Does Naming and Shaming Save Lives?
Do international organizations affect government killing? Extant work has studied international organizations' effects on a set of human rights, but has not examined the abilities of specific actorsExpand
A political economy of human rights: Oil, natural gas, and state incentives to repress1
Oil and other natural resources are linked to many undesirable outcomes, such as civil war, autocracy and lack of economic development. Using a state-centered framework for revenue extraction, weExpand
Delegating Death
Does military intervention affect civilian death tolls? Existing research has focused on international actors’ ability to limit ongoing slaughter but has not examined their ability to prevent theExpand
Options in the Arsenal: Are Repressive Tactics Complements or Substitutes?
Leaders can select from a myriad of repressive techniques to quell their domestic po- litical opposition. In this project, we investigate (1) why states differ in their choice of repressive tactics,Expand
Female Participation and Civil War Relapse
A large literature demonstrates that civil war is recurrent: States that have already experienced such conflict tend to relapse back into war. How might this ‘conflict trap’ be escaped? We answerExpand
The Split Population Logit (SPopLogit): Modeling Measurement Bias in Binary Data
Researchers frequently face applied situations where their measurement of a binary outcome suffers from bias. Social desirability bias in survey work is the most widely appreciated circumstance, butExpand
Constrained by the bank and the ballot
Why does the discovery of oil lead to increased government repression in some countries and not others? Why is there variance in the extent to which democracy constrains state violations of humanExpand
Unintended Consequences: The Effect of Advocacy to End Torture on Empowerment Rights Violations
In a globalized world replete with international organizations (IOs), nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and 24-hour news media, human rights abuses like torture are increasingly difficult toExpand