Jacqueline Fung Kam Wong

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OBJECTIVE To identify the prevailing attitudes among physicians to use of computers in the clinical setting and specifically those attitudes that may be associated with the adoption of computers in practice. DESIGN A self-completed, 20-question postal questionnaire sent to 4850 randomly selected physicians. The questionnaire focused on details of the(More)
Duplications of Xq26-27 have been implicated in the etiology of X-linked hypopituitarism associated with mental retardation (MR). Additionally, an expansion of a polyalanine tract (by 11 alanines) within the transcription factor SOX3 (Xq27.1) has been reported in patients with growth hormone deficiency and variable learning difficulties. We report a(More)
The objective of this study was to assess the current level of computerization in clinical practice in Hong Kong through a population-based, physician survey conducted in 2000.A self-completed, 20-question, postal questionnaire was sent to 4850 randomly selected doctors in Hong Kong. We received 897 completed responses. Over one-third of doctors in the(More)
Polyalanine expansion mutations have been identified in eight transcription factors that are associated with a range of congenital disorders. While some of these mutant proteins have been shown to generate cellular aggregates in heterologous cell lines, little is known about the mechanism by which these aggregates cause disease. Here we examine the(More)
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