Jacqueline Fleming

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The inferior temporal (IT) cortex of 6 macaques was injected with horseradish peroxidase. HRP-labeled cells were found throughout IT cortex itself (outside the injection area) but were not found in the polysensory areas that surround IT dorsally, anteriorly and ventrally. Posterior to IT, labeled cells were found in the anterior parts of prestriate cortex.(More)
We carried out a prospective, randomized, controlled trial to investigate the effect of a 3-month period of supplementary oral nutrition in 14 poorly nourished outpatients with COPD. Seven patients were randomized into Group 1 who received their normal diet during Months 1 to 3, a supplemented diet during Months 4 to 6, and their original normal diet during(More)
Haemodynamic studies have been performed in 9 patients whose blood pressures had been satisfactorily controlled with oral propranolol for 7 to 29 months. A postural drop of blood pressure or a fall of blood pressure on exercise did not occur. Pulse rate and cardiac output were below normal at rest and on exercise; peripheral resistance was high. The results(More)
In patients with severe respiratory disease, the work of breathing is increased and the respiratory muscles, particularly those of inspiration, may become fatigued. Hitherto, there has been little information on the incidence of respiratory muscle fatigue in acutely breathless patients. We studied 34 patients with severe respiratory disease on admission to(More)
The effect of plasma exchange with plasma protein fraction on blood viscosity was determined in seven hyperlipoproteinaemic patients with coronary or peripheral vascular disease. This resulted in decreases in whole blood viscosity of 83% and 30% respectively at the lowest and highest shear rates studied, and decreases of 21% and 59% in plasma viscosity and(More)
Clinical and immunological parameters in 14 patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) receiving sulphasalazine (SASP) were evaluated, to determine whether their clinical response was reflected by any quantitative changes in their peripheral blood lymphocytes after 12 weeks. Whilst disease activity markers fell significantly, no such changes were noted in the(More)