Jacqueline E. Rees-Lee

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Versajet® (Smith and Nephew) is a hydrosurgical debridement tool that has been used in the debridement of burns. Versajet® debridement is expensive and time consuming; therefore, clear indications for its use in burns surgery are needed. A review of the literature followed by a prospective trial of ten consecutive burns patients was carried out to ascertain(More)
Extensive cutaneous necrosis due to purpura fulminans presents many of the same treatment challenges as a significant burn injury. The areas of tissue loss are large, require complex and repeated dressings and create a significant reconstructive challenge. These patients are therefore often treated by burns multi-disciplinary teams (Ariivalo et al., Burns(More)
Competency based surgical training uses proficiency of technical skills to quantify surgical competency. We believe this is an over simplification of what is required to be a competent surgeon. This work aims to illuminate the attributes of a mature, competent, thinking surgeon. A bespoke (or custom) tailor is highly trained craftsman who produces unique(More)
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