Jacqueline E. Karp

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STUDY DESIGN Retrospective radiographic review. OBJECTIVE To determine whether clinical factors or common classification systems can predict the radiologic outcome of short-segment thoracolumbar fracture fixation. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Previous reports have indicated that short-segment thoracolumbar fracture fixation might not be appropriate for(More)
This article describes a rare congenital abnormality of anterior and posterior C1 fusion failure presenting after an acute athletic injury to the fibrous nonunion. C1 congenital malformations are rare, occurring in approximately 2% of patients; even rarer are combined anterior and posterior arch malformations in the same patient. Posterior ring(More)
BACKGROUND We describe a technique for percutaneous transfacet screw placement in the cervical spine without the need for lateral-view fluoroscopy. METHODS Previously established articular pillar morphometry was used to define the ideal trajectory for transfacet screw placement in the subaxial cervical spine. A unique targeting guide was developed to(More)
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