Jacqueline D Bougie

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OBJECTIVE This study examined the explicit targeted outcome (a criterion standard) and visual feedback on the immediate change in and the short-term retention of performance by novice operators for a high-velocity, low-amplitude procedure under realistic conditions. METHODS This study used a single-blind randomized experimental design. Forty healthy male(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Spinal manipulation has undergone a resurgence of interest. Developing evidence suggests a relationship between safety, skill and clinical outcome. Training programs are variable and range from extensive formalized curricula to weekend seminars and individual demonstrations. Systematic study of a relationship between prerequisites and(More)
OBJECTIVE To report a rare cause of lumbar radiculopathy. CLINICAL FEATURES A 72-yr-old man suffered from pain that radiated down the posterior thigh and calf for 3 wk. The right foot and first toe extensors were weak and sensation was decreased over the dorsum of the foot. Straight leg raising was positive at 50 degrees on the right. Computed tomography(More)
OBJECTIVE This case describes the history, process of correct diagnosis, and treatment of a patient with pain in her left fourth finger, later found to be an osteosarcoma. CLINICAL FEATURES A 28-year-old woman presented with pain in her left fourth finger, which she also noticed had been "getting bigger." Moderate tenderness and decreased range of motion(More)
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