Jacqueline Collins

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Previous studies suggested that African-American patients with psychotic disorders present more commonly with first-rank symptoms. However, it was unclear whether these results reflected true differences among African- and Euro-Americans in symptom presentation or instead resulted from raters being more likely to assign first-rank symptoms to(More)
BACKGROUND Clinically, African American psychiatric patients are disproportionately diagnosed with schizophrenia compared with white patients. Why this occurs is unknown. Extending prior work, the authors hypothesized that first-rank symptoms distract clinicians so that they fail to identify affective disorders in African Americans. METHOD 195 African(More)
Setting Massachusetts General Hospital embarked on a 4-year project to reduce readmissions in a high volume general medicine Objective To reduce 30-day readmissions to 10% through improved care coordination. Design As a before–after study, a total of 7586 patients admitted to the medicine unit during the intervention period included 2620 inpatients meeting(More)
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