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T he Antarctic Treaty System, acknowledged as a successful model of cooperative regulation of one of the globe’s largest commons ( 1), is under substantial pressure. Concerns have been raised about increased stress on Antarctic systems from global environmental change and growing interest in the region’s resources ( 2, 3). Although policy-makers may(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine parents' communication with their children about the diagnosis and initial treatment of breast cancer in the mother. DESIGN Qualitative interview study within a cross-sectional cohort. SETTING Two breast cancer treatment centers. PARTICIPANTS 32 women with stage I or stage II breast cancer with 56 school-aged children. Main(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of Sure Start local programmes (SSLPs) on children and their families. To assess whether variations in the effectiveness of SSLPs are due to differences in implementation. DESIGN Quasi-experimental cross sectional study using interviews with mothers and cognitive assessment of children aged 36 months who speak English. (More)
This study looks at the delivery of the Family-Nurse Partnership (FNP) in England with interpreters. This home-visiting programme for vulnerable, young first-time mothers is known in the USA as the Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP). FNP is manualised with a number of fidelity targets and stretch objectives. This study covers the first two phases, pregnancy and(More)
Experiments were performed to investigate the effect 2-wk prior nephrectomy has on the recovery from a 40-min renal artery occlusion. Two groups were initially examined. Group 1 animals underwent sham nephrectomy and group 2 animals right nephrectomy 14 days prior to a 40-min left renal artery clamp. The percent recovery of inulin clearance in group 2 (33(More)
BACKGROUND ICSI is used with increasing frequency, but there is less information about the children born following this method of assisted reproduction than other forms of IVF. Some authors have suggested that it may contribute to more family stress than IVF. METHODS ICSI conceived children were compared with IVF conceived children and naturally conceived(More)
BACKGROUND Although considered clinically effective, there is little systematic research confirming the use of Individual Psychodynamic Psychotherapy or Family Therapy as treatments for depression in children and young adolescents. AIMS A clinical trial assessed the effectiveness of these two forms of psychotherapy in treating moderate and severe(More)
OBJECTIVE To date, very few studies have been conducted on the neurodevelopmental well-being of children conceived through intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The limitations of these studies often include a lack of comparison with a demographically matched, naturally conceived (NC) group and the investigation of only very young children, with(More)
The role of Bence Jones proteins (BJPs) in the genesis of the renal dysfunction that develops in patients with multiple myeloma is not clearly defined. We previously evaluated renal function and morphology in a unique strain of rats (LOU/m) bearing tumors which synthesized BJPs with isoelectric points of 5.2, 4.3 and 6.7. Myeloma cast nephropathy developed(More)
Neighborhood features have been linked with adult mental-health problems, particularly depression. A recent comprehensive review indicated structural neighborhood features derived from data sources such as the census may be less important predictors of mental health problems than social processes but that most studies lack multiple neighborhood measures.(More)