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Previous studies of cutaneous T cell-mediated responses in mice have obtained pharmacologic, morphologic, and immunologic evidence pointing to a critical role for local mast cells in release of the vasoactive amine serotonin (5-HT) to mediate early, initiating events that are required for elicitation of these responses. However, the role of mast cells in(More)
TEL is a novel member of the ETS family of transcriptional regulators which is frequently involved in human leukemias as the result of specific chromosomal translocations. We show here by co-immunoprecipitation and GST chromatography analyses that TEL and TEL-derived fusion proteins form homotypic oligomers in vitro and in vivo. Deletion mutagenesis(More)
It has been recognized for approximately 50 years that the stratum corneum exhibits biological properties that contribute directly to maintaining and sustaining healthy skin. Continued basic science and clinical research coupled with keen clinical observation has led to more recent recognition and general acceptance that the stratum corneum completes many(More)
Ets proteins form a family of sequence specific DNA binding proteins which bind DNA through a 85 aminoacids conserved domain, the Ets domain, whose sequence is unrelated to any other characterized DNA binding domain. Unlike all other known Ets proteins, which bind specific DNA sequences centered over either GGAA or GGAT core motifs, E74 and Elf1 selectively(More)