Jacqueline Béal

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Gut mucosal macrophages play a pivotal role in driving mucosal immune responses, resulting in either activation of inflammatory immune responses to pathogenic challenge or tolerance to beneficial luminal contents such as food and commensal bacteria. Macrophage responses elicited are dependent on tissue environment and the resulting cell subset, where(More)
Screening for malnutrition is recommended in hospitalized and planned surgical patients. The aim of this study was to analyze the feasibility and routine prognostic value of using the principal recommended nutritional screening and evaluation tools for cancer patients undergoing major surgery. This study is a prospective, 3-month, multicenter observational(More)
We studied a human cornea that was obtained at the time of penetrating keratoplasty four months after a keratophakia procedure and cataract extraction. We found endothelial cell loss with corneal edema, interface epithelial ingrowth, absence of keratocytes, and an abnormality in the collagen structure of the donor homograft (lenticule) and abnormal host(More)
The inducible antimicrobial peptide human β-defensin-2 (hBD-2) stimulated by pro-inflammatory cytokines and bacterial products is essential to antipathogen responses of gut epithelial cells. Commensal and probiotic bacteria can augment such mucosal defences. Probiotic use in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, however, may have adverse effects,(More)
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