Jacqueline Anita de Menezes

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Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is a leading cause of infectious morbidity in newborns. We describe the prevalence of GBS colonization and the serotypes and antibiotic susceptibility profiles of isolates(More)
This study aimed to elucidate the social and behavioral factors and public health system characteristics that influenced pregnant women's adherence to prenatal care. Forty women diagnosed as(More)
The lymphocyte responsiveness to leishmanial antigens and its influence on the course of cutaneous leishmaniasis was studied in a patient with AIDS-associated American cutaneous leishmaniasis caused(More)
We present a case of papular-purpuric "gloves and socks" syndrome (PPGSS) in an adult male with acute parvovirus B19 infection. The patient displayed the classical features of fever, oral lesions,(More)
Studies were carried out on the mechanisms by which B lymphocytes are polyclonally activated to secrete antibodies during visceral leishmaniasis. Crude extracts of Leishmania donovani, the(More)