Jacquelin A. Robinson

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A total of 80 low-socioeconomic status maltreated preschoolers were contrasted with 27 nonmaltreated preschoolers on their narrative representations. The children completed story stems, taken from the MacArthur Story-Stem Battery (MSSB; I. Bretherton, D. Oppenheim, H. Buchsbaum, R. N. Emde, & the MacArthur Narrative Group, 1990), that introduced stressful(More)
RATIONALE Chronic, regular recreational use of ecstasy (MDMA) is associated with psychopathology, elevated behavioural impulsivity and persistent impairment of memory performance. OBJECTIVE The aim of the present study was to investigate which of these sequelae persist after at least 6 months of abstinence from ecstasy. METHODS Four groups of(More)
200 pairs of twins were assessed at 14 months of age in the laboratory and home. Measures were obtained of temperament, emotion, and cognition/language. Comparisons between identical and fraternal twin correlations suggest that individual differences are due in part to heritable influences. For temperament, genetic influence was significant for behavioral(More)
The development of concern for others and externalizing problems were examined in young children with normative, subclinical, or clinical levels of behavior problems. There were no group differences in observable concern for others at 4-5 years of age. Children with clinical behavior problems decreased significantly in their concern by 6-7 years of age and(More)
Genetic change as well as continuity was investigated within the domains of temperament, emotion, and cognition/language for 200 pairs of twins assessed at 14 and 20 months of age in the laboratory and home. The second year of life is marked by change rather than continuity: correlations from 14 to 20 months averaged about .30 for observational measures of(More)
Data from 408 pairs of identical and same-sex fraternal twins assessed at home and in the laboratory at 14, 20, and 24 months are used to describe cognitive development in the second year and to identify genetic and environmental influences on phenotypic similarity. The primary dependent variables are the Bayley Mental Development Index and separate(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the content and structure of children's play narratives in a large sample of 5-year-olds in order to replicate previous findings, explore the role of gender differences, and identify a pattern that can provide useful information about children's behavior. METHOD The MacArthur Story Stem Battery and coding system was used to code(More)
Perception of the manner in which objects may be grasped was examined in a series of experiments with adults and 10-month-old infants; visuomotor adjustment in hand orientation before making contact with objects served as the index throughout. In the first experiment, infants modified their hand orientation to match more closely the long axis of an object.(More)
The ability of infants to locate a toy from a mirror reflection was investigated in 3 experiments. In the first, it was found that a minority of 22-month-old infants turned to locate the toy that was the source of the reflection, and that localization of the toy occurred regardless of whether the infants' own image was visible in the mirror. The results of(More)
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