Jacov Avni

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The effects of d- and l-tranylcypromine on the disposition and metabolism of intracisternally administered l-norepinephrine-H3 were studied in rat brain. Both isomers inhibited the deamination of norepinephrine-H3. However, d-tranylcypromine was considerably more potent than the l-isomer in this respect. In addition, the l-isomer of tranylcypromine was(More)
The effect of chronic oral administration of desmethylimipramine (DMI) on the norepinephrine (NE) content of various organs was examined in rats. The present results show that in contrast to its effect on the brain, where it lowered the NE concentration, chronically administered DMI either did not change (vas deferens) or tended to increase (heart and(More)
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