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This study examined cardiovascular activity and autonomic involvement during sleep in essential hypotension. We compared young female hypotensives and normotensives using ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, impedance cardiography, and frequency-domain analysis of heart rate variability during a night of polysomnographic recording. Hypotensives, as(More)
Sleep may play a role in consolidating emotional memories. However, studies on the effects of REM sleep on negative vs. neutral memories have produced inconsistent evidence. Here, we assess the role of NREM and REM sleep before and after learning in promoting the consolidation of neutral and arousing pleasant and unpleasant memories. Forty-six (32 F)(More)
Objective: our objective is to contribute an updated view on a condition as rare as oat-cell carcinoma of the esophagus by reviewing the literature and reporting two recent patients seen in our department. Material and method: a retrospective study with a review of all medical records of patients seen in our ward and diagnosed with esophageal neoplasm for 6(More)
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