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— This paper demonstrates the use of a slow-rate image sensor for control of a fast-rate beam steering system. The image sensor is modeled as an integrative intensity sensor, from which fast-rate dynamics may be estimated by appropriate motion-field extraction. These fast-rate state estimates obtained from the slow-rate image sensor are then used for a(More)
— This paper presents algorithms for state estimation of adaptive optics (AO) systems with fast-rate actuators and slow-rate image sensors. Typically, the information obtained from these slow-rate image sensors is the time-averaged output measurement during the exposure time. The additional information available in the image measurement (in the form of an(More)
  • J C Tani
  • 1995
Compression of the sciatic nerve, or its branches, by a fibrous band in the thigh region is a rare cause of sciatic neuropathy. A 42-year-old farmer with a 1-year history of right leg dysesthesias in the tibial nerve distribution was found on surgical exploration to have a fibrous band constricting the tibial branch of the sciatic nerve proximal to the(More)
—Motion measurement increasingly deploys image sensors such as CCD and CMOS arrays, driven by their ever improving resolution, response time, noise level, and cost. The typical usage is to operate an image sensor and the associated optics as a sampler, by taking a series of high speed sharp pictures to infer motion. Image blur is treated as an undesirable(More)
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