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The hypervariable segment I of the control region of the mtDNA (positions 16024-16383) was PCR-amplified from mouth scrape and hairs and sequenced in 45 unrelated individuals of pure matrilineal Basque descent. Twenty-seven different sequences were found, of which 21 are unique to the Basques. The allelic partition observed, together with resampling(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The severity of status epilepticus (SE) has an important impact in clinical outcomes. The Status Epilepticus Severity Score (STESS) is a score for predicting mortality in SE at admission. The baseline modified Rankin Scale (mRS) might be a prognostic factor for assessing the short-tem outcomes of SE. Therefore, our aim was to evaluate(More)
Organ of Corti's outer hair cells are one of the few cell types in mammals to contain large cytoplasmic glycogen stores, and the only one in the adult auditory receptor. Previous reports on the structure and distribution of glycogen in the adult organ of Corti were mainly based on light microscopy histo- and cytochemical methods, and the scare EM studies on(More)
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