Jacopo M. Corridoni

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The development of a system supporting querying of image databases by color content tackles a major design choice about properties of colors which are referenced within user queries. On the one hand, low-level properties directly reflect numerical features and concepts tied to the machine representation of color information. On the other hand, high-level(More)
The availability of large image databases is emphasizing the relevance of filters, which permit to focus the interest on a small subset of data. Taking advantage of the pictorial features of images, visual specification of such filters provides a powerful and natural way to express content-oriented queries. Albeit direct, the by example paradigm, does not(More)
Digital libraries of video are rapidly growing in size and availability through digital networks of computers . The explosion of digital unstructure information , such as video , traveling through the network raises the need for tools that allow video information structuring and ‘‘intelligent’’ access to sequences . In this paper we present a novel video(More)
-The problem of three-dimensional planar-faced opaque object recognition from one single perspective view, is addressed in this paper. A view parameterization, based on Hough Transform, is described. Classification is accomplished by multiple multi-object Kohonen networks. A new object grouping criterion has been investigated to assign disjoint subsets of(More)