Jacopo Guanetti

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Range extenders (REs) increase the driving range of electric vehicles (EVs) at the price of additional weight and encumbrance, which are unnecessary in normal urban usage. An innovative concept of an extended range EV is studied here, i.e., an EV that can exploit a rental RE only when necessary to complete a mission. The energy management system not only(More)
This paper proposes an energy-saving adaptive cruise control (ACC) which exploits the future trajectory of the preceding vehicle to minimize unnecessary braking. By suitable design of the model predictive control terminal set, the proposed eco-ACC avoids unnecessary braking and improves fuel economy, while guaranteeing safety and limited online(More)
Energy management of plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) has different challenges from non-plug-in HEVs, due to bigger batteries and grid recharging. Instead of tackling it to pursue energetic efficiency, an approach minimizing the driving cost incurred by the user – the combined costs of fuel, grid energy and battery degradation – is here proposed. A(More)
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