Jacomina W. van den Esschert

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Although preoperative portal vein embolization (PVE) is an effective means to increase future remnant liver (FRL) volume, little has been published on possible adverse effects. This review discusses the clinical and experimental evidence regarding the effect of PVE on tumor growth in both embolized and nonembolized liver lobes, as well as potential(More)
Obstructed defecation remains a serious syndrome. Several procedures have been applied to treat it. A concomitant enterocele excludes some of these procedures, because of potential threat of damaging the bowel. The aim of this study was to assess the outcome of patients who underwent laparoscopic nerve sparing ventral rectopexy for obstructed defecation(More)
Dear Authors, We would like to thank Wijffels et al. for their interest in our article. In answer to their letter we would like to react to their comments. Obviously, the indications for operation for all 17 patients in this series are not clear to the repliers. In answer to this question, all patients had a severe form of constipation in combination with(More)
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