Jacobus van Zyl

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FuzzyBexa was the first algorithm to use a set covering approach for induction of fuzzy classification rules. It followed an iterated concept learning strategy, where rules are induced for each concept in turn. We present a new algorithm to allow also simultaneous concept learning and the induction of ordered fuzzy rule sets. When a proper rule evaluation(More)
Systematic Luby Transform (fountain) codes are investigated as a possible incremental redundancy scheme for EDGE. The convolutional incremental redundancy scheme currently used by EDGE is replaced by the fountain approach. The results of the simulations performed for each incremental redundancy scheme show that the fountain approach outperforms the(More)
A variety of methods exist for inductive learning of classification rules using crisp sets. In this paper we illustrate an inductive learner that uses fuzzy sets, where the membership functions of the linguistic terms are given in advance. We also show how the induction of conjunctive rules fit into a fuzzy set covering framework (FuzzyBexa) that we(More)