Jacobus de Hoop

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Does Promoting School Attendance Reduce Child Labour? Evidence from Burkina Faso’s BRIGHT Project Using data from BRIGHT, an integrated program that aims to improve school participation in rural communities in Burkina Faso, we investigate the impact of school subsidies and increased access to education on child work. Regression discontinuity estimates(More)
Cash Transfers and Child Labour Cash transfer programs are widely used in settings where child labour is prevalent. Even if many of these programs are explicitly implemented to improve children’s welfare, in theory their impact on child labour is undetermined. This paper systematically reviews the empirical evidence on the impact of cash transfers,(More)
Large scale tracking policies, allowing academically apt pupils to enter a select group of secondary schools, can be found in many Sub-Saharan countries. However, evidence on the impact of these policies on school outcomes, especially school participation, is limited. This paper fills this gap by providing regression discontinuity evidence on the impact of(More)
The B6.C-H-2bm12 (bm12), H-2 I-Ab mutant, originated in the C57BL/6 (B6, H-2b) strain, is a nonresponder to the male antigen H-Y in both T cell proliferation and cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) responses. Defective H-Y presentation by bm12-adherent cells, as a cause of the CTL nonresponsiveness, can be excluded, because 1) CTL from primed(More)
INTRODUCTION Poverty is a chronic stressor that can lead to poor physical and mental health. This study examines whether two similar government poverty alleviation programs reduced the levels of perceived stress and poverty among poor households in Zambia. METHOD Secondary data from two cluster randomized controlled trials were used to evaluate the(More)
The aim of the present study was to analyze whether acquired transplantation tolerance had developed in patients with a long-term surviving renal or liver allograft. Analysis of antidonor cytotoxic T cell precursor frequencies was performed in 31 renal allograft recipients and 9 liver allograft recipients with good graft function 2 years after(More)
This paper exploits an unusual merit-based procedure, employed by Malawi’s Ministry of Education to select pupils into public secondary schools, to identify the e¤ect of the quality of secondary schools on both pupil learning and pupil retention. The analysis is based on unique matched institutional data that cover an entire cohort of pupils selected into(More)
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