Jacobus Willibrordus Swart

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For LOCOS application, silicon nitride (SiN x) insulators have been deposited by ECR–CVD at room temperature and with N 2 flows of 2.5, 5, 10 and 20 sccm on pad-SiO 2 /Si or on Si substrates. The obtained SiN x /Si structures were used to analyze the SiN x characteristics. FTIR analyses reveal the presence of Si–N and N–H bonds. The refractive indexes(More)
Multi-wall carbon nanotubes decorated with different metal or metal oxide nanoparticles were used for gas sensing applications in a chemical resistor configuration. In this configuration, multi-wall carbon nanotubes serve as a conductive channel (for electrical signal acquisition), a heating element (for local heating of attached nanoparticles), and a(More)
We present a program that uses an optimization algorithm to fit rocking curves of ion-implanted semiconductors. This is an inverse problem that cannot be solved by simple methods. However, using recursion formulae for rocking curve calculations and a model of ion distribution after implantation, it is possible to fit experimental data with a general-purpose(More)
An enhancement and depletion (E/D) nMOS technology for educational and multi-project chip activities has been performed. The nMOS device fabrication process and electrical parameter simulations were obtained by SUPREM IV and PISCES2, respectively. So, E/D nMOS devices, such as capacitors, transistors and inverters, were fabricated and their electrical(More)
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