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Social Identity Complexity Theory as heuristic tool in New Testament Studies
In this article the author gives an overview of a relatively new theory in social psychology, namely Social Identity Complexity Theory, and illustrates the heuristic value of the theory for NewExpand
Mission and Ethics in 1 Corinthians: Reconciliation, corporate solidarity and other-regard as missionary strategy in Paul
In this article the dynamic relationship between mission and ethics in contexts of conflict and change in the Corinthian correspondence was investigated, and the role Paul played as reconcilingExpand
The plenipotentiary idea as Leitmotiv in John’s Gospel
In this article the plenipotentiary idea in John’s Gospel is studied in relation to Jewish institution(s) of agency. It is argued that the missionary idea in John’s Gospel is a Leitmotiv (central orExpand
The New Perspective(s) on Paul and its Implication for Ethics and Mission
ABSTRACT In this article the New Perspectives1 on Paul and its implication for Pauline ethics will be discussed as well as the relationship it has to the understanding of the missionary dynamics inExpand
The radicality of early Christian oikodome: A theology that edifies insiders and outsiders
In this article a study is made of the concept ‘oikodome’ and its derivatives in the New Testament and early Christianity. Hence, in this essay the focus is limited to the use of the termExpand
The chaos of the cross as the fractal of life : the birth of the post resurrection, missional dimension in John
In this article the author argues from a post foundationalist point of view in favour of an interdisciplinary research methodology that could contribute to new innovative possibilities for doingExpand
Why (suffering) women matter for the heart of transformative missional theology perspectives on empowered women and mission in the New Testament and early Christianity
This project is part of the NRF mission and ethics project of the author at the University of Pretoria in South Africa.
Early Christian Thinking on Hope
Recent classical studies on hope have sought to correct a long-standing overemphasis on negative aspects of hope in antiquity, setting up possible correlations with early Christian and New TestamentExpand