Jacobus J Pienaar

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South Africa has been identified as a source of industrial pollution that is significant at a global scale. This study was designed to provide quantitative information, by direct measurement, across northeastern South Africa, which includes the highly industrialised Mpumalanga Highveld. The specific aim of the study was to evaluate whether or not acidic(More)
In this paper we introduce new in situ observations of atmospheric aerosols, especially chemical composition, physical and optical properties, on the eastern brink of the heavily polluted Highveld area in South Africa. During the observation period between 11 February 2009 and 31 January 2011, the mean particle number concentration (size range 10–840 nm)(More)
The primary objective of this study was to investigate the relationship of work stress, consisting of role stressors and job insecurity, with safety compliance at work. A secondary objective was to test for the possible moderating effect of individual employees' coping behaviour between experienced work stress and job insecurity, and their safety(More)
There has been an accelerated expansion of deserts in the past five decades. Recent data reveal that the atmogenically formed organic compound, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is a contributory factor in addition to anthropogenic and natural sources. The aim of this study was to use TCA as an indicator for the possible occurrence of C2-chloroacetic acids; to(More)
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