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1 Abstract If C is a q-ary code of length n and a and b are two codewords, then c is called a descendant of a and b if c i 2 fa i ; b i g for i = 1; : : : ; n. We are interested in codes C with the property that, given any descendant c, one can always identify at least one of thèparent' codewords in C. We study bounds on F (n; q), the maximal cardinality of(More)
A recent publication introduced a Visual Crypto (VC) system, based on the polarisation of light. This VC system has good resolution, contrast and colour properties. Mathematically, the VC system is described by the XOR operation (modulo two addition). In this paper we investigate Threshold Visual Secret Sharing schemes associated to XOR-based VC systems.(More)
There are many ways to find lower bounds for the minium distance of a cyclic code, based on investigation of the defining set. Some new theorems are derived. These and earlier techniques are applied to find lower bounds for the minimum distance of ternary cyclic codes. Furthermore, the exact minimum distance of ternary cyclic codes of length less than 40 is(More)