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Over the past 15 years, scatter-hoarding birds have been the focus of numerous studies aimed at characterizing specializations of memory that are thought to be related to their dependence on memory for many individual food cache sites (Clayton, 1995; Krebs, 1990; Sherry, Jacobs, & Gaulin, 1992; Shettleworth, 1995). Enlargement of the hippocampus in(More)
Context. The THz atmospheric “windows,” centered at roughly 1.3 and 1.5 THz, contain numerous spectral lines of astronomical importance, including three high-J CO lines, the [N II] line at 205 μm, and the ground transition of para-H2D. The CO lines are tracers of hot (several 100 K), dense gas; [N II] is a cooling line of diffuse, ionized gas; the H2D line(More)
  • Jacobs, Dipl.-Ing M S Petkovi´c, T F P Van Deursen, I Samenvatting
  • 2007
For years, patient information has been maintained in paper-based records. Paper-based systems bring many disadvantages. Because of these disadvantages, paper-based systems are being replaced by electronic health record (EHR) systems. The main objectives of these EHR systems are increased availability and quality of health data and therefore increased(More)
Thermal decomposition in a thermobalance of Fe(CO), adsorbed on alkali-metal, hydrogen-Y, dealuminated Y, L and omega zeolites proceeds stepwise via slow decarbonylation at low and high temperatures, separated by a fast endothermic reaction. Average CO/Fe ratios have been determined after each step. From i.r. results the former intermediates are assigned to(More)
Wehefritz, E.: Entgegnung auf die Bemerkungen yon J. Aebly zu meiner Arbeit: ,,Liinge und Gewieht tier reifen Frueht im Liehte der Variationsstatistik." Arch. f. Gyn~kol. Bd. 130, H. 2, S. 413--414. 1927. In seiner Erwiderung auf die Bemerkungen yon Aebly (vgl. vorstehendes Referat)rechtfertigt Wehef r i t z die Benutzung der yon ihm angewandten Methoden(More)
In many Asian and African countries road accidents are a major problem but within the boundaries of the transport sector, hard decisions have to be taken on the resources that any government can devote to road safety. In order to assist in this decision-making process, it is essential that a method be devised to determine the national cost of road accidents(More)
Sleep cycle control and cholinergic mechanisms: Differential effects of carbachol injections at pontine brain stern sites, increases tribulin like ~ctivity in the rat., Cell. periods of eye motility, and concomitant phenomenon norepinephrine-containing locus coeruleus neurons in behaving rats.anticipates fluctuations in the sleep-Microinjection of(More)
in the directory pub/machine-learning-databases. The predictive sample reuse method with applications. 19 each one taking on the value 1 for one of the original values and the value 0 for the others. Annealing The data set used here is the result of concatenating the les anneal.data and anneal.test in the UCI repository. Missing values indicated by a(More)