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  • B P F Jacobs, Dipl.-Ing M S Petkovi´c, T F P Van Deursen, I Samenvatting
  • 2007
For years, patient information has been maintained in paper-based records. Paper-based systems bring many disadvantages. Because of these disadvantages, paper-based systems are being replaced by electronic health record (EHR) systems. The main objectives of these EHR systems are increased availability and quality of health data and therefore increased(More)
Sleep cycle control and cholinergic mechanisms: Differential effects of carbachol injections at pontine brain stern sites, increases tribulin like ~ctivity in the rat., Cell. periods of eye motility, and concomitant phenomenon norepinephrine-containing locus coeruleus neurons in behaving rats.anticipates fluctuations in the sleep-Microinjection of(More)
in the directory pub/machine-learning-databases. The predictive sample reuse method with applications. 19 each one taking on the value 1 for one of the original values and the value 0 for the others. Annealing The data set used here is the result of concatenating the les anneal.data and anneal.test in the UCI repository. Missing values indicated by a(More)
The lock-based shared memory model has proven to be error prone and dicult to test. With the advent of multi-core programming, the exploration of alternative concurrency models has begun. However, testing concurrent software remains problematic because of two properties inherent to the concurrent execution of software. First and foremost, concurrent(More)
Wehefritz, E.: Entgegnung auf die Bemerkungen yon J. Aebly zu meiner Arbeit: ,,Liinge und Gewieht tier reifen Frueht im Liehte der Variationsstatistik." Arch. f. Gyn~kol. Bd. 130, H. 2, S. 413--414. 1927. In seiner Erwiderung auf die Bemerkungen yon Aebly (vgl. vorstehendes Referat)rechtfertigt Wehef r i t z die Benutzung der yon ihm angewandten Methoden(More)
1. Manuscript. The original typescript and two high-quality copies of all illustrations, legends, tables and references must be submitted. All copy, including references, must be typed double-spaced on 21 x 27 cm, heavy-duty white bond paper. Margins must be at least 1 inch. A computer diskette containing a file of the article must be included. Files in(More)