Jacobs Damien

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Thalamic lesions may induce a diffuse hypometabolism and subsequent decrease of cortical cerebral blood flow (rCBF) and cerebral blood volume (rCBV). Up to now PET was used to assess these changes. However this latter method cannot be applied routinely to stroke patients because it is expensive and not currently available. The purpose of this preliminary(More)
In a prospective study, antithrombin III (AT III) was performed preoperatively, peroperatively immediately after the surgical procedure and daily during the 8 postoperative days in 57 consecutive patients who underwent major abdominal surgery without prophylactic anticoagulant therapy. On d 8, according to the results of a bilateral radiological(More)
In order to determine the incidence of pre-operative and postoperative deep venous thrombosis (DVT) in patients not receiving prophylactic anticoagulant therapy, bilateral phlebography was performed in a prospective study pre-operatively and on the 9th postoperative day, in 51 consecutive patients submitted for major abdominal surgery. The presence of a DVT(More)
The acetazolamide (ACZ) test is performed to evaluate the decrease in cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP) by investigation of vasomotor reactivity (VMR). Our aim was to study cerebral blood flow and blood volume changes induced by the ACZ test in healthy control subjects using dynamic susceptibility contrast-enhanced gradient-echo MRI (DSC-MRI). A FLASH(More)
The microscopic and bacteriological findings in paired saliva and sputum specimens from 66 patients with chronic bronchitis were compared in order to determine whether the presence of alveolar macrophages is a valid criterion for determining the suitability of a sputum specimen for bacterial culture. Alveolar macrophages were mainly present in sputum(More)
Invasive and non-invasive methods exist to assess left ventricular compliance (LVC). This work has two parts, one experimental and one clinical. We estimated left chamber stiffness in dogs by using volume data from radionuclide ventriculography (RNV) and left ventricular pressure data, synchronized with a gating system to the intraventricular dp/dt max to(More)
A simultaneous decrease of cerebral blood volume (CBV) and cerebral blood flow (CBF) has been described after subcortical stroke with positron emission tomography. However, this imaging modality cannot be applied routinely to stroke patients. Dynamic susceptibility contrast-enhanced MRI techniques (DSC-MRI) might be interesting in the assessment of these(More)