Jacobo Martín

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Murine trisomy 16 is an animal model of human Down's syndrome. We have successfully established permanently growing cell lines from the cerebral cortex of normal and trisomy 16 foetal mice using an original procedure. These lines, named CNh (derived from a normal animal) and CTb (derived from a trisomic foetus), express neuronal markers. Considering that(More)
Bottom trawling is a non-selective commercial fishing technique whereby heavy nets and gear are pulled along the sea floor. The direct impact of this technique on fish populations and benthic communities has received much attention, but trawling can also modify the physical properties of seafloor sediments, water–sediment chemical exchanges and sediment(More)
Amino acid substitutions widely distributed throughout the influenza hemagglutinin (HA) influence the pH of its membrane fusion activity. We have combined a number of these substitutions in double mutants and determined the effects on the pH of fusion and on the pH at which the refolding of HA required for fusion occurs. By analyzing combinations of(More)
The offshore displacement of commercial bottom trawling has raised concerns about the impact of this destructive fishing practice on the deep seafloor, which is in general characterized by lower resilience than shallow water regions. This study focuses on the flanks of La Fonera (or Palamós) submarine canyon in the Northwestern Mediterranean, where an(More)
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