Jacobo Giralt

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Designing a job management system for the Grid is a non-trivial task. While a complex middleware can give a lot of features, it often implies sacrificing performance. Such performance loss is especially noticeable for small jobs. A Job Manager's design also affects the capabilities of the monitoring system. We believe that monitoring a job or asking for a(More)
I/O performance is a bottleneck for many workloads. The I/O scheduler plays an important role in it. It is typically configured once by the administrator and there is no selection that suits the system at every time. Every I/O scheduler has a different behavior depending on the workload and the device. We present a method to select automatically the most(More)
Grid and Cloud computing are well known topics, and currently one of the focus of many research and commercial projects. Nevertheless, the transparent access to Grid facilities from mobile devices (like PDAs or smartphones) is normally out of the scope of those initiatives, taking into account the intrinsic limitations of such devices: screen size and(More)
Due to the increase in the number of available cores in current systems, plenty of system software starts to use some of these cores to perform tasks that will help optimize the application behaviour. Unfortunately, current Onload mechanisms are too limited. On the one hand, there is no dynamic way to decide the number of cores that is taken from(More)
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