Jacobina Andrade

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This paper presents an integrity maintenance system that has been developed for maintaining static constraints in databases, using the active database paradigm. This system has been added to the O 2 object oriented database system, and is fully functional. Constraints are speciied by the user in a rst order logic language , and transformed in production(More)
Finger tracing is a simulation of the act of writing without the use of pen and paper. It is claimed to help in the processing of Chinese characters, possibly by providing additional motor coding. In this study, blindfolded subjects were equally good at identifying Chinese characters and novel visual stimuli through passive movements made with the index(More)
This article presents the topics in wheeled mobile robotics where the Learning and Vision Mobile Ro-botics Group (IRI) is focusing its efforts. The areas covered include robot localization, color in-variance, segmentation, tracking, audio processing and object learning and recognition. An overview of recent results produced in our group within these areas(More)
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