Jacob Wolfe

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OBJECTIVE Quantify how temperature and age modulate the effects of multiple periods of anoxia on peripheral nerve. METHODS Nerve action potentials (NAP) recorded from rat sciatic nerve in vitro. Effects of multiple cycles of anoxia on the NAP are evaluated as functions of temperature and age. In some experiments, the nerve was held at constant temperature(More)
OBJECTIVE Determine the effects of serial episodes of anoxia in an in vitro peripheral nerve preparation. METHODS The nerve action potential (NAP) from rat sciatic nerve was recorded during 5 cycles of anoxia and reperfusion. Multiple NAP parameters were analyzed as well as stimulus response curves. RESULTS The amplitude of the NAP declined to half(More)
In this paper, the acute changes in the compound motor action potential (CMAP) during mechanical stretch were studied in hamster sciatic nerve and compared to the changes that occur during compression.In response to stretch, the nerve physically broke when a mean force of 331 gm (3.3 N) was applied while the CMAP disappeared at an average stretch force of(More)
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