Jacob Walley

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With the increasing access to antiretroviral therapy in sub-Saharan African HIV-positive populations, it is important to find additional simple, effective, and feasible methods of improving and maintaining adequately high levels of adherence. In this study, we undertook the development, testing, implementation, and evaluation of various adherence support(More)
We use data from the General Social Survey (GSS) over a 40-year period (1973-2012) to evaluate changes in attitudes about pornography and pornography consumption among American young adults. One of the major challenges in making comparisons across birth generations is separating the effect of birth cohort from age and period effects. We use an intrinsic(More)
THE FIBROUS cortical defect and the non-ossifying fibroma are benign fibrous tumours occurring, in the cortex of the metaphysis, in the long bones of children and young adolescents. The fibrous cortical defect occurs in children usually under ten years of age; occasionally it develops into the more extensive lesion found in young adolescents and known as a(More)
As an ever increasing number of HIV-infected persons develop AIDS, treating the manifestations associated with HIV infection has become a new challenge to health sectors in developing countries. Given resource constraints of health systems before the AIDS epidemic, there is an urgent need to start examining ways in which health care can be delivered to the(More)