Jacob Wagner

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OBJECTIVE To develop a statistically rigorous trauma mortality prediction model based on empiric estimates of severity for each injury in the abbreviated injury scale (AIS) and compare the performance of this new model with the injury severity score (ISS). SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Mortality rates at trauma centers should only be compared after adjusting(More)
One of the greatest challenges in biomedical research, drug discovery and diagnostics is understanding how seemingly identical cells can respond differently to perturbagens including drugs for disease treatment. Although heterogeneity has become an accepted characteristic of a population of cells, in drug discovery it is not routinely evaluated or reported.(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop and validate a new ICD-9 injury model that uses regression modeling, as opposed to a simple ratio measurement, to estimate empiric injury severities for each of the injuries in the ICD-9-CM lexicon. BACKGROUND The American College of Surgeons now requires International Classification of diseases ninth Edition (ICD-9-CM) codes for(More)
The paper contains a description of the design, construction, and testing of an autonomous inverted pendulum on a cart. The cart is battery-powered, containing an onboard processor which implements real-time control. The dedicated local area network consists of a wireless communication link between the host computer, which issues supervisory commands, and(More)
OBJECTIVE Nuclear receptors (NRs) play a vital role in the development and progression of several cancers including breast and prostate. Using TCGA data, we sought to identify critical nuclear receptors in high grade serous ovarian cancers (HGSOC) and to confirm these findings using in vitro approaches. METHODS In silico analysis of TCGA data was(More)
In this thesis, we consider smooth optimal control systems that evolve on Lie groups. Pontryagin’s maximum principle allows us to search for local solutions of the optimal control problem by studying an associated Hamiltonian dynamical system. When the associated Hamiltonian function possess symmetries, we can often study the Hamiltonian system in a vector(More)
This paper contains a description of the design, programming procedure, and construction of an autonomous Segbot. The Segbot, a two wheeled robot, has some similarities to the inverted pendulum cart system in that it is underactuated, exhibits nonminimum phase behavior, and requires a stabilizing controller to stand upright. The Segbot differs from the(More)
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