Jacob W Black

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Bis-alkylated derivatives of N,N,N',N'-tetramethylethylenediamine (TMEDA) represent a well-known class of versatile biscationic amphiphiles, owing to their low cost and ease of preparation. Asymmetric TMEDA derivatives, however, have been studied significantly less, particularly in regards to their antimicrobial properties. We have thus prepared a series of(More)
Observation at the single molecule level has been a revolutionary tool for molecular biophysics and materials science, but single molecule studies of solution-phase chemistry are less widespread. In this work we develop an experimental platform for solution-phase single molecule force spectroscopy in organic solvents. This optical-tweezer-based platform was(More)
Dialkyl 4,4'-bipyridinium compounds are widely employed for their useful redox properties, and are commonly known as viologens due to their intense coloration upon reduction. Despite their prevalence and amphiphilic nature, the antibacterial activity of these compounds remains largely unreported. We have thus prepared a series of mono- and bis-alkylated(More)
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