Jacob Viner

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Oro-caecal transit times (OCTTs) were assessed in 10 healthy adult cats by the lactulose breath hydrogen method with either no sedation (group A), or after the intramuscular administration of three sedative regimens: a combination of acetylpromazine at 0.1 mg kg-1 with buprenorphine at 10 micrograms kg-1 (group B), ketamine at 5 mg kg-1 with midazolam at(More)
I study dynamic games where players may be unaware of some fundamentals of the game itself, such as actions or players, and such unawareness may be lifted by other players' actions during the play. Based on Li (2006a, 2006b), I propose a framework to deal with such games using standard tools of game theory. I construct examples to show that unawareness is(More)
271 Background: MEDI-573 is a dual-targeting human antibody that neutralizes IGF-I/-II ligands and inhibits IGF-1R and insulin receptor-A (IR-A) signaling pathways, which play a role in breast and other epithelial cancers. By sparing IR-B and its hybrid receptors, MEDI-573 is expected to achieve antitumor activity without perturbing glucose homeostasis. (More)
Jacob Viner and Gottfried von Haberler were two experts in International trade at the beginning of the twentieth century. In their works, they described the characteristics a customs union should fulfill, although they had somewhat different opinions on the matter. Taking as a reference the creation of a custom union in Europe, the aim of this paper is to(More)
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