Jacob Steendahl Nielsen

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MuO-conotoxin MrVIB is a blocker of voltage-gated sodium channels, including TTX-sensitive and -resistant subtypes. A comprehensive characterization of this peptide has been hampered by the lack of sufficient synthetic material. Here, we describe the successful chemical synthesis and oxidative folding of MrVIB that has made an investigation of the(More)
The research presented in this paper was aimed at increasing the current understanding of the process of developing collaborative improvement in Extended Manufacturing Enterprises (EME). Based on action research and action learning of three EMEs involving a total of thirteen companies from five European countries, the present study identifies three(More)
Strategic supplier collaborations in inter-organizational environments have shown increasingly important. When building a strategic collaboration, such as It-implementations, difficult issues come to surface e.g. human and technical difficulties. The focus of this article is a game developed to visualize these human factors to students with a theoretical(More)
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