Jacob Sparre Andersen

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The effects on latent inhibition (LI; a delay in conditioning when a CS has been pre-exposed without consequences) of repeated restraint stress and the anxiolytic drug diazepam were examined in C57BL/6 mice to know whether previous aversive events or anxiolysis are factors determining the expression of LI. The LI model was optimized for this strain(More)
The purpose is to study relative turbulent diffusion under controlled, reproducible conditions in the laboratory in order to estimate the constant C in Richardson-Obukhov's law. We get C ≈ 0.4 – 0.6. We furthermore measure the distance-neighbour function, which is the probability density function of the separation of two fluid particles that are initially(More)
When a container of fluid is oscillated vertically, capillary waves develop on the surface if the amplitude exceeds a critical value. Experimentally one finds that the motion of small particles on the surface of the fluid is close to Brownian. Here we study the relative motion of particle pairs. The experiment establishes that particle motion is strongly(More)
In chloralose anaesthetized cats with renal arterial pressure kept constant at 100 mmHg, vascular expansion with precirculated blood, 20 ml kg b.w.-1, caused significant increments in arterial inflow rates of blood to the deep (ARBFD) and superficial (ARBFS) renal venous drainage area of 35 +/- (SE)10 and 19 +/- 6%, respectively, and in the excretion rates(More)
Latissimus dorsi pedicle grafts (LDPGs) were wrapped around the heart in eight dogs. In four dogs, the LDPGs were stimulated chronically; the remaining four dogs served as unstimulated controls. Right-sided cardiac filling pressures were normal in all dogs when measured 4 months after graft application. Mean tension generated by the viable LDPGs was 153 +/-(More)
We examine particle trajectories in capillary waves formed on a water surface subject to vertical vibrations. We focus on the role of a distinct length scale present in our experiment, namely, the wavelength l of the surface waves. We observe non-Brownian particle trajectories with a fractal dimension D different from the random walk value D ෇ 2. A(More)
Skeletal muscle has a tremendous capacity to adapt. This adaptive phenomenon is seen perhaps to the greatest extent when skeletal muscle is subjected to chronic low frequency stimulation via the motor nerve. There is a decrease in glycolytic enzymes and an increase in oxidative enzymes, as well as a change in the contractile proteins and an increase in the(More)
Twenty-seven patients with pain from non-curable cancer, who did not respond to systemic pain treatment with opioids and coanalgesics without the occurrence of unacceptable side effects, were treated with intrathecal infusions. Two patients were treated satisfactorily with morphine alone, while the remainder were given a mixture of morphine and bupivacaine.(More)