Jacob Sheynin

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Acculturation has been linked to neuropsychological performance in several ethnic groups. However, research among Latina/o samples has examined primarily Mexicans/Mexican Americans and has not examined Latina/o clinical populations of Caribbean descent. This study examined associations between a multidimensional acculturation measure and neuropsychological(More)
Perception is shaped not only by current sensory inputs but also by expectations generated from past sensory experience. Humans viewing ambiguous stimuli in a stable visual environment are generally more likely to see the perceptual interpretation that matches their expectations, but it is less clear how expectations affect perception when the environment(More)
Image segmentation is a basic work in the field of image analysis and computer vision. Thresholding is one of the simplest methods of image segmentation. In general, thresholding approaches based on 1-D histogram do not make use of any space adjacent information of the image, thus it is often ruined by noise; thus, thresholding methods based on 2-D(More)
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