Jacob S. Ford

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This paper describes the ethical dilemmas which the authors encountered when conducting qualitative research with samples consisting of a small number of participants. Ethical conflicts are explored in terms of the principles of autonomy, non-maleficience, and beneficience with examples from the authors' research experiences. Although there are no(More)
The curriculum may be informed by a technical, practical, or emancipatory interest. Curricula informed by these three interests are referred to as curriculum as product, curriculum as practice, and curriculum as praxis (Grundy, 1989) respectively. When curricula are viewed from different perspectives, it is plausible to suggest that each perspective(More)
The intent of this study was to gain insights into and a deeper understanding of what it means to live with a history of a heart attack for males at least 2 years after the event. The descriptive/interpretive work of the study is based on conversations with seven men who had heart attacks, all of whom subsequently returned to work. The insights emerge from(More)
While there has been considerable debate about future roles for public health nurses, there is little research that explores public health nursing from the practitioner's perspective. The findings reported in this paper are part of a larger study that explored public health nurses' perspectives and experiences of their practice: what they do and how they(More)
Providing health information is an important aspect of public health nursing. This article describes how public health nurses (PHNs) give information to enhance client competence. The findings are part of a larger study that explored PHNs perspectives and experiences of their practice. The study employed an exploratory descriptive qualitative research(More)
This paper describes public health nurses' perceptions of changes in their practice. The participants were 28 public health staff nurses from six Alberta, Canada health units serving urban and rural populations. Data were collected in 1993-94 using individual and focus group interviews. Content analysis was used to identify the following themes: "pulling(More)
  • J S Ford
  • Scandinavian journal of caring sciences
  • 1990
This paper is based on conversations the author had with six nurses about their experiences of caring when working with cardiac patients. The text is orientated to elucidating the lived experience of caring so as to provide new possibilities for understanding, and to raising questions for the sake of opening up different perspectives on the nature of(More)
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