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The dystrophin-associated glycoprotein complex (DGC) is found at the muscle fiber sarcolemma and forms an essential structural link between the basal lamina and internal cytoskeleton. In a set of muscular dystrophies known as the dystroglycanopathies, hypoglycosylation of the DGC component α-dystroglycan results in reduced binding to basal lamina(More)
One of the perennial challenges of ethical theory has been to provide an answer to a number of views that appear to undermine the importance of ethical questions. We may refer to such views collectively as " deflationary ethical theories. " These include theories, such as nihilism, according to which no action is better than any other, as well as(More)
Neuroblastoma cells grown in suspension culture are round and have no distinctive structural characteristics. However, cells transferred to substrates flatten, develop long neurites, and assume the morphology of normal neurons. The resemblance of monolayered neuroblastoma cells to normal neurons is amplified by treatment with hypertonic medium; under these(More)
Fission cases, in which one person appears to divide into two persons, pose a serious challenge to many assumptions of commonsense ethics. Chief among these assumptions is the idea that self-interest is an important source of reasons. We normally think that something like the following is true: Self-Interest Thesis: For any person S, and any two(More)
Spermiogenesis in the mealybug Pseudococcus obscurus involves the elongation of a cytoplasmic papilla from the surface of a spermatid. Longitudinally oriented fibers and microtubules, with diameters of 250 A and a non-9+2 arrangement, are associated with this process. Fibers alone are found in early stages of papilla emergence and in the basal region of the(More)
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