Jacob Ralston

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Both flash- and pattern-elicited electroretinograms and visual-evoked potentials were recorded from a patient with well-documented unilateral optic nerve dysfunction. Although the flash-elicited electroretinograms from the left and right eyes did not differ in amplitude or latency, the flash-elicited visual-evoked potentials were greatly attenuated.(More)
Previous comprehension studies using postperceptual memory tests have often reported negligible differences in performance between natural speech and several kinds of synthetic speech produced by rule, despite large differences in segmental intelligibility. The present experiments investigated the comprehension of natural and synthetic speech using two(More)
Three experiments used sine-wave replicas of speech sounds to explore some differences between speech perception and general auditory perception. The experiments compared patterns of behavior in categorization and discrimination tasks for listeners reporting either speech or nonspeech percepts of sine-wave replicas of speech. We hypothesized that the(More)
We study the relative Lie algebra cohomology of so(p, q) with values in the Weil representation of the dual pair Sp(2k, R) × O(p, q). Using the Fock model defined in Chapter 2, we filter this complex and construct the associated spectral sequence. We then prove that the resulting spectral sequence converges to the relative Lie algebra cohomology and has E 0(More)
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