Jacob Porter

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Background. Large-scale bisulfite treatment and short reads sequencing technology allow comprehensive estimation of methylation states of Cs in the genomes of different tissues, cell types, and developmental stages. Accurate characterization of DNA methylation is essential for understanding genotype phenotype association, gene and environment interaction,(More)
DNA methylation is an important epigenetic mark relevant to normal development and disease genesis. A common approach to characterizing genome-wide DNA methylation is using Next Generation Sequencing technology to sequence bisulfite treated DNA. The short sequence reads are mapped to the reference genome to determine the methylation statuses of Cs. However,(More)
The recent reduction of the U.S. EPA's maximum contaminant level for arsenic has prompted increased research into methods for removing it from drinking water. Previous work has indicated the possibility that limestone is capable of arsenic removal. This research is a preliminary investigation of the feasibility of a limestone-based arsenic removal process.(More)
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