Jacob Overfield

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Five experiments were conducted to determine if boars and barrows differ in the level of dietary lysine required to maximize growth rate, efficiency of feed utilization, carcass leanness and N retention. In Exp. 1, 48 boars and 48 barrows were fed fortified corn-soybean meal diets calculated to contain 14 (grower) and 12% protein (finisher) and supplemented(More)
Antibodies in the Kidd blood group system show a great deal of serological variability, are notoriously elusive and hence evoke difficulties in detection. However, they have been regularly reported as causing severe immediate or delayed haemolytic transfusion reactions and this clinical potential has been largely attributed to their complement binding(More)
Various low ionic strength diluents are used routinely for red cell alloantibody detection in the antiglobulin test to increase the rate of antibody association to antigen, thereby allowing a reduction in the incubation time while achieving optimal agglutination. Two commercial low ionic strength diluents (DiaMed ID-CellStab and Inverclyde LISS) were(More)
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