Jacob Ohana

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Breast precise analysis, due to a partial or global diformity, total or minor tuberous breast allows an interesting appreciation of the skin and gland importance in breast modifications. This same analysis enables us to consider the ptosis and hypertrophies under a different angle. Thus, the relative proportions in between the various segments, their(More)
A retrospective view on the history of mammaplasties for hypertrophic and/or ptotic breasts, shows its evolutive sense, in which we attempted to describe the main stages, avoiding to make a long "catalog". The first period (the longest) was marked by progresses concerning the control of vascular security of the areola and the nipple. That stage was(More)
Myeloma is a malignant hematopathy with multiple lesions, mainly in bones. The authors report a case in which the myeloma was present in the mandibuloparotid region only. The atypical nature and rarely observed location (mainly parotid) of the lesion raised diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic problems that were resolved by close cooperation with a team(More)
Awareness of green solutions to powered flight is a new trend taking the Aerospace Industry by storm. One particular application that shows high promise is that of photovoltaics on small UAV-type aircraft to help extend flight time. Nomenclature ‫ܣ‬ ஼௘௟௟ = total ampere flow through solar cell (amperes) ‫ܣ‬ ோ௘௖௧௔௡௚௟௘ = area of rectangle (inches 2) ‫ܣ‬ ௌ௢௟௔௥(More)
Cosmetic abdominoplasties have been the subject of many criticisms because of their frequent disadvantages and complications. Although the length of the scar depends on anatomical conditions, diffuse adipose infiltration of the abdominal wall, the often excessively low umbilicus (surrounded by a circular scar characteristic of the operation), and the(More)